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Join us on our journey as we undertake live and exciting robotics projects. Our en-devours are intended to serve as a guide to new hobbyists as we dive into all things robotics!


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Patreon is a company that helps artists and content creators connect with a wider audience. Ti-Tek is now routing our subscription service through the trusted Patreon site. If you wish to support Ti-Tek and its projects please do so through our Patreon page!
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Road To FPV
Ti-Tek's latest project! Have you always wanted to get into the drone RC hobby? We have and we are going to walk through the process and what it takes to get into this new and exciting hobby.
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**NEW** Resource Center
Check Out the new Ti-Tek Resource Center. We are bringing you a selection of the very best online videos and tutorials for all things robotics! This is free for everyone to view so get in there and check it out now.
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Ti-Tek is Here to Help!
We are a social club and strive to help all our members feel included. It is a fun and safe environment for people who may have unconventional interests or difficulty fitting into other social clubs. Ti-Tek is always working with mental health organisations to ensure our online environment remains a safe place for everyone.
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Social Distancing Getting You Down?
The team at Ti-Tek have been practicing social distancing their whole lives. We have tips and tricks to keep you sane during this period of recommended isolation.
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Are you trying to find free resources online? But don’t know what to trust and what is rubbish?

The Ti-Tek resource center showcases all of the best free tutorials, videos, and online tools.

This is free for all site visitors!

The Titan Project

Ti-Tek Online Social Environment

Sessions Held on Tuesday Nights from 6-9PM AEST.

Each week Ti-Tek hosts a live interactive online session. Members can join-in and be social, play games, and even learn fundamental robotics skills.

In the sessions, Titan Project updates will also be released. The Titan Project is a live project where members collaborate to design an autonomous humanoid robot. It is a fun, social environment where Titan Project members have control over the design and direction of the project.

Build It Yourself Electronics Centre

Electronic components used in our projects are available from Altronics.

Ti-Tek‘s preferred, Australian owned and operated, electronics store.

How Ti-Tek Works

There are two kinds of Membership Subscription via the Ti-Tek Patreon Page:

The Ti-Tek Membership, and

the Titan Project Membership.

Both memberships will gain you access to all areas, all content, and entry to the live sessions. The Titan Project membership will give you the additional privilege to collaborate as part of the project team for the Titan Project.

Each session is tailored to the current members and is suitable for all skill levels. We strive for a safe online environment for our members, where you can comfortably express your own creativity.

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How Much Does a Ti-Tek Membership Cost?

Base Membership

$ 15
Per Month
  • Support the Titan Project!
  • Access Projects Outputs and Videos
  • Access the Resource Center
  • Dedicated Help and Support

Project Membership

Includes Standard Membership
$ 25
Per Month
  • Access Live Online Sessions
  • Real Project Environment
  • Design an Awesome Robot
  • Help Plan Future Projects

Membership subscriptions are handled through the Ti-Tek Patreon Page. Should you sign up at Patreon you will become a Ti-Tek member and gain access to all content respective of your subscription.





What our members are saying

We Are Forging Our Own Path!

There is no-one out there doing what we are doing here at Ti-Tek. We are a club; the subscriptions from our members go toward providing new and exciting content for our members. But it doesn’t end there… The Future of work is going to involve us (humans) working in and around robots! The skills you will be exposed to here at Ti-Tek, will undoubtedly be relevant far into the future.

Well You made it this far…