Paul McWhorter: Arduino Tutorials

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The New Boston

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Fusion 360; Advanced Tools

With the Basic tools in Fusion 360 you can design almost anything. You are only limited by your experience with the software and your creativity. However, There are some forms that are simply too difficult to model without using an advanced tool or add-in to create.

Fusion 360, Add-ins and Scripts

Fusion 360 Comes with the usual CAD standard tools as discussed in the previous session in this series. Additionnaly you are able to download and use more tools form Autodesk. In this session we show you how to use the spur gear “add-in” to take your mechanical design to the next level.

Programming; Sequencing and Arrays

If you are looking to get into robotics. A thorough understanding of programming is required. You don’t need to be a professional coder, but having the basic skills to read and understand a program will only help you to better design and build your own robotic systems.

Basic Programming: Arrays

In robotics arrays are your best friends! An array is a special data type that can make accessing and storing grouped data very efficient! A good understanding of the uses of arrays is paramount and can be used for; creating a virtual 2D or 3D (4D+?) plane, for data storage, and more…

Introduction to Programming in C!

Programming is considered a second language by many people. But learning this language is not as simple as listen, repeat, remember. First we have to learn how to listen and speak (vague analogy) as we did our very first language. So in this session we present the tools needed to be understood before you can hope to learn programming!

Fundamental Geometry in Robotics

Geometry and robotics go hand in hand. In this session we introduce some fundamental theories for calculating positions on a 2 Dimensional Plane. Then we construct a simple Arduino program and circuit to allow us to try and rotate a lever to a specific angle based of a coordinate. This Session introduces and demonstrates the process involved in using a program to calculate angles from coordinates.

Programming: Using Arduino

I you haven’t started to learn programming by now, you are definitely missing out on a fantastic and satisfying hobby. It is so easy to learn and in this session we show you where to start. There are products and free tutorials available, that make self-teaching this field for a hobby or to even pursue as a career, available to everyone. This session we introduce programming in C and show you the tools you require to get started.

Intro to Mechanical Systems

Getting things moving with mechatronic devices. This session is an introduction to some common mechanical devices that you will come across in your projects.