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The broad aim of this project is to modify a 1:35 scale model of a WW2 Tiger tank into a functioning mechatronic system. Ti-Tek will create a detailed procedure that will present the steps taken to modify and produce a working prototype. 

Battle Tank Project

Current Stage : Project Planning

Initial Planning





Project Hours

$ 58 AUD

Project Cost

Whats on Now

Work has begun on gun recoil. A mechanism is being designed to make the gun barrel depress back into the turret as it would when this tanks main gun fires.

Coming Up

Elevation and depression mechanism for the main gun will be designed and built into the turret.

Turret System ***In Progress***

Stage Process Description and Outputs

  • Main Gun Recoil Mechanism.
  • Main Gun Elevation/Depression Mechanism.
  • Turret Rotation

Gun Recoil

Gun Elevation/Depression

Turret Rotation

Design Recoil Mechanism

Build Mechanism

Section Inputs

In Progress. TBC

Model by Li Feng, Grabcad.com
Gun Recoil Progress 21/03
Turret rotation concept 21/03

Gun Recoil Plan Updates Coming Soon 14/03

Hull Drive ***Stage In Development***

Stage Process Description

In this phase the drive system will be designed and fitted into the existing model. This will consist of two drive motors, drive transmission mechanism, and independent torsion bar suspension for all the idler wheels. To minimize time spent in the design every attempt will be made to make use of existing methods of model conversion that can be found on the internet.

CAD Model by Li Feng, Grabcad
Track with model wheels 21/03
New Track Comparison 21/03

Phase Planning

Initial research into the drive system for the hull has uncovered several different methods for getting the tracks to work. The processes found are relatively simple. We will follow these processes and improve on the design where possible.

Metal tracks for this model have been ordered.

Work for this task will run in this order:

  • Design suspension system.
  • Design method for drive power transfer.
  • Mount all torsion bar suspension with idler wheels.
  • Fix drive axels in position.
  • Assemble drivetrain.
  • Mount drive motors.
  • Test system operation.

Initial Project Planning ***Complete***

Stage Process Description and Outputs

  • Identify the requirements of the project.
  • Create Work Breakdown Structure.
  • Define Project Phases and Tasks.
  • Launch Project Execution Phase.

Identify Requirements


Define Phases

Section Inputs

This is the beginning of larger idea. To start we only had a concept and that is to make a realistic tank. The first step is to get the model functioning. Initially a model kit was sourced locally and this kit was explored and semi-assembled to check the feasibility of this project. 1:35 scale is small and there are lots of different tank models in this size so we want to make a versatile kit and procedure that works across many different models.

Project Requirements

This step presents all the identified requirements that must be achieved to complete this project.

  • The Pz. Kpfw.VI Tiger 1:35 scale model shall be the initial model type used in this project.
  • Model kit to be modified to produce actions and motion using simple mechatronic devices and mechanisms:
    • Turret Rotation.
    • Gun Operation.
    • Drive Motion.
  • Prototype shall have a self contained, Electronic control system and rechargeable battery.
  • All movement and action shall mimic the realistic response of a full scale system.
  • Tank to produce audio SFX for events:
    • Engine
    • Track
    • Turret
    • Gun Firing/Loading
    • Crew
  • Model to be hand painted to realistic quality.
  • System to be remote controlled.
  • Project processes to be captured and presented.
  • All Project work to consider future development.
    • Augmented reality integration for enhanced features.
    • Wireless communication for data transmission.
    • First Person View integration.
    • Simulated turret hit registering

Work Breakdown

Below are all the identified tasks that will make up this project.

Task Definitions

Gun Recoil

  • Recoil from the main gun firing is absorbed into a spring dampening system. To recreate this action the barrel needs to displace a short distance quickly and return to the original position deliberately. Research to find the rate of fire and speed of all barrel displacements will be conducted.
  • Force from the main gun firing should be seen throughout the tank. This may be achieved by adding suitable weights to the sliding mechanism.
  • The sliding mechanism will move on a reciever base to keep the system stable and allow integration with the other functions.

Gun Elevation/Depression

  • The main gun has a specific angles of elevation and depression. These values will be found and built into the design.
  • The elevation will pivot at the pins already built into the model. This will be assessed for stability.
  • The mechanism will modify the angle between the receiver and the turret base.


  • Originally the turret would rotate with the action from a pinion built into the turret. The pinion acts on a larger turret ring gear fixed on the hull.
  • This design will probably run a large gear fixed to the base of the turret model with a pinoin driving gear fixed to the hull.
  • Initial research found several different methods of achieving full rotation. The challenge will be in finding a solution to transfer the electronics from the rotating turret to the hull.

Hull Drive

  • Several different conversion methods have been reviewed from clips found on youtube. Getting the tracks to function is feasible at this scale and will be a feature for the drive of this tank.
  • This will have working suspension elements and all idler wheels will function.
  • At this stage Ti-Tek will try to use existing methods to solve this requirement. We will look at existing methods and try to improve on them where we can.

Control System

  • This part of the project refers to how this system is to interact with the user.
  • It will use a suitable microcontroller to control the required functions of the system.
  • The user will use an off the shelf radio control transmitter and receiver.
  • This will communicate with the MCU to achieve wireless control.

More details for the Hull and Control system will be added when they are individually planned. But first, we will build the Turret!


Initial CAD Model

This is the model used to research the initial concept. It was built by Li Feng and can be downloaded free from grabcad.com


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