Welcome to the Titan Project

In this project the team will collaborate to design and build a robot arm for the Echo V2.0 Platform. After raising the project we will design and build the mechanical prototype. Electronics will then be designed and added to the Arm. This arm will have its own dedicated Arduino Microcontroller which will be programmed to control its unique features. Finally it will be tested against the project requirements and we will close the project.

In each step of the project, Ti-Tek will help the members of the project team learn all the skills required so that they may build their own prototype along with us. As the project progresses you will be exposed to 3D CAD Design, Electronics, PCB Design, Embedded System Programming and Gain Project Management experience. 

Echo Noodle-Flexatron 4000

Current Stage : Mechanical Design

End Phase

Develop Mechanical Concepts

Second Revision

First Revision

Whats on Now

A Gripper Arm has been developed. Updates for the gripper are soon to be uploaded to this project page.

Coming Up

Currently Ti-Tek is planning how this progress will re-commence after setbacks due to the covid pandemic.

Mechanical Prototype Development ***On Hold***

Concept Design Images

Below are concpet images of Revision 1 of the Arm design. This contains two servos and has the attachment points at the existing shoulder joint and the gripper tool. Revision 2 will be a modified version of this model to include allowances for electrical wiring and additional modifications identified by the project team.

Project Planning ***Complete***

Concept Design

Below is an example of the type of arm we are looking to design in this project. It is actually the army from the Echo V1.0 project that was designed in early 2019. This arm had 3 servos and 1 solenoid to help it interact with physical objects. The intent with this design was to imitate and achieve motion that is as close as possible to what a human arm can achieve.

To achieve motion similar to a human arm we required rotation around the x-axis and y axis at the elbow. We also required y-axis rotation for our prototype claw to achieve something like a human wrist. There are still a couple degrees of freedom required for a perfect biomimetic imitation.

Current Requirements of Project

  • Project is split into two main parts. The Arm and the Gripper Tool.
  • Control all Electro-mechanical devices with a suitable Arduino Microcontroller.
  • Communicate with Control System (External System Project) Via I2C Protocol.
  • The Gripper is a Claw that has at 3 pincers and can hold basic objects. This will contain 1 servo for angular rotation of the claw and either a servo or a solenoid to actuate the gripping mechanism
  • The Arm will have an elbow joint which rotates around the z axis and a upper joint which allows the elbow to be rotated around the x axis. These joints are designed with servos and will be suitably strong and stable enough for use with the designed gripper. Arm should mimic a typical humanoid range of motion.
  • Arm will have a Printed Circuit Board to house and secure the Microcontroller and provide connections to Electro-mechanical devices. This will also be the input for the supply power and the communications to the prototype. 
  • Arm will be constructed with multiple parts. The design will be suitable to be 3D printed.

Identified Stages of the Project

  • Design Mechanical Model – Using Fusion 360
  • Build Mechanical Prototype – 3D printing and assembly
  • Design and Test Electronics Circuit – Autodesk Eagle
  • Design Printed Circuit Board – Autodesk Eagle
  • Program Prototype for mechanical motion – ‘C’ Programming with Arduino 
  • Program Prototype for communication – ‘C’ Programming with Arduino
  • Test Project against Project Requirements

Current Estimates

Project Timeline

Start Date: 12 November 19

Design Mechanical Model : 12-25 Nov

Build Mechanical Prototype : 26 Nov-3 Dec


Christmas Break – 3 Sessions (will discuss with team)


Electronics & PCB Design :  7-20 Jan

Programming : 21 Jan- 10 Feb

Testing Prototype : 11-24 Feb

Finish Date: (rough –  25 Feb)


Cost Estimates

TBA – Finalised During Electronics Phase



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