Welcome to the Titan Project

ECHO V2.0 Project

Current Stage : Project Closing

Prove Concept

Integrate Mouse Control

Integrate PS4

Test Platform Requirements

Whats on Now

The Stable Version of the program for our control board is being released. We are also developing our program for the control integration for the System. This Control System is required to test the operation of the platform prototype.

Coming Up

Following successful testing, a project video will be produced and uploaded to YouTube.

Controller Integration ***In Progress***

Collaboration Session Week 6-2

In this session we Integrate our controller system as next step from last weeks introduction to I2C protocol. We use a typical computer mouse to communicate with our control system Arduino board. Information from the mouse is then  used to manipulate our platform prototype. This session proves our concept for the communication system will work.

Project Planning Stage ***Complete***

Collaboration Session Week 1

We discussed design rules and basic modifications to to be made to the Echo V1.0 parts integrated in our new platform.

Collaboration Session Week 2

A further discussion to help gather all the requirements and finalise the planning for this project as a team. Information in this session help to form some of the main requirements of the Echo V2.0 project  and also discuss how the team should communicate.

Collaboration Session Week 3

In this session we bring together all the planning for the Echo V2.0 project. We discuss the schedule for the project and what is in store for the project team as we move into the build phase.

Project Build Stage ***Complete***

Collaboration Session Week 4

In this session we discuss some minor modifications to the build of the platform and progress onto the electronics phase. There is also a discussion on the program flow in preparation for Electrical and programming stages of this project.

Project Electronics Stage ***Completed***

Collaboration Session Week 5

In this collaboration session we discuss and present the Electrical Schematic Design and the programming of the System. Then we begin to prove our plan for the program communications.

There is a Detailed presentation of the process the team used to test the use of I2C protocol to control a servo with another arduino device (The controller).

Collaboration Session Week 6-1

In this Project Session we present our finished Electrical Schematic with the PCB Design. Then we Walk through a stable version of or control program.


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