Welcome Ti-Tek Projects!

The Titan Project ***Collaboration Sessions Closed***

3D printable Parts for the build phase of the Echo V2.0 Platform have now been designed and are now available for download.

Ti-Tek’s Echo V1.0 Prototype is a desktop scale, mechatronic platform with humanoid style motor functions. The prototype is a fully self contained unit and will manually interact with physical environment via two “free to control” actuating arms.

Echo V2.0 is a modular platform based on the Echo V1.0 project. In this project we will create an Independent base that will be compatible with all future addons under the Titan Project.

Project is currently closed. Stay Tuned for the Project Video.

Join this project and you can help design and build a robot arm for the Echo V2.0 Platform. The Concept a Mechanical design will be completed in November 2019. Starting in our sessions in January 2020, Electronics will be designed and added to the Arm prototype. This arm will have its own dedicated Arduino Microcontroller which will be programmed to control its unique features. Finally it will be tested against the project requirements and we will close the project with a project Video demonstration. At this point all project files and tutorials will become available to all members.

The Echo Noodle-Flexatron 4000 Project is currently in planning! Weekly collaboration sessions for this project team are held on Tuesdays @ 6PM AEST.

Battle Tank Project

Replica WW2 Tank Model

The aim of this project is to modify a 1:35 scale model of a WW2 Tiger tank into a functioning mechatronic system. The final product shall have a working turret and a hull driving system that mimics the movement of the real thing. The use of existing scale models allow us to shift the focus from model detail onto mechatronic function.

Model by Li Feng, Grabcad.com

Main Gun Recoil Mechanism ***In Progress***

This has been identified as a great place to start in this design/build project. Modifications and a mechanism are currently being designed to give the main gun a realistic recoil action when it is fired.